Tuba Christmas: 2015


A large crowd gathered on the south steps of the Texas State Capitol on Monday to hear Tuba Christmas Austin. This annual event featured the often-forgotten low brass instruments—euphoniums, tubas, and sousaphones—playing well-known Christmas songs. One of the conductors announced that a total of 225 musicians had registered to play in the hour-long concert.


Tuba Christmas events are held in numerous towns and cities around the US and also in Canada, Costa Rica, and Switzerland. As usual, our red granite Capitol building provided a nice backdrop. Austin is having mild weather this week, so it was actually a little warm (70°) for a mid-day concert.


Several conductors led the group. They gave short introductions before starting each selection, but without amplification, it was difficult to hear what they were saying.


Some people brought chairs and music stands since concert tubas can be bulky. I spotted this woman (a mother?), assisting with her student’s music as well as with her instrument.

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