A Christmas Affair: 2012


“A Christmas Affair” is definitely my favorite shopping event in Austin. This annual show is organized by The Junior League of Austin in support of their numerous community projects, including the upcoming Coats for Kids.

As usual, the Palmer Events Center was filled with women shoppers and top-quality, unique merchandise. Men were scarce except for vendors. Lots of women, wine, and free food samples might sound enticing, but that other element, shopping, seems to keep most guys away.


Once again I shopped on Friday, the second day of the four-day event. The crowd seemed to be lighter this year. Perhaps some women were scared away by the predictions of major traffic jams for Austin Formula One race weekend, or perhaps they were out at the F1 racetrack. This might also explain the lack of men, but I don’t think so.

Hopefully attendance improved on Saturday and Sunday. With fewer crowds though, it’s easier to shop, spend money, and take pictures. Here’s a sampling of the unusual Texas-themed items for sale…
Ties featuring armadillos and oil wells
Embroidered pillow
Wreath for your mounted animal head
Cowboy boot jewelry
Wine Topper
Fringed leather vest
Pony-sized hobby horse
Herd of Longhorn yard stakes

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  1. A Christmas Affair cannot be successful without supporters like you! The Twelve Days of Christmas highlights The Junior League of Austin’s community impact and we thank you for coming and creating hope for others while shopping! Next year, A Christmas Affair will be November 20-24, 2013. I hope to see you there!

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