Creek Show: 2018

Hurry, hurry…tonight is the last evening of the 2018 Creek Show! The show’s entrance is on 9th Street near Red River Street and the one-way walking path winds alongside Waller Creek, ending at Symphony Square just beyond 11th Street. Over 20,000 people are expected to visit this year’s event, which is sponsored by Waller Creek Conservancy.

Tentsion was the first exhibit near the Creek Show entrance on 9th Street. Large lighted camping tents were suspended in the trees and over Waller Creek. These tents will be distributed among Austin’s homeless population after the show ends.

My photograph of the next display, La Noria, looks a little blurry because these moving water wheels were powered by the flow of Waller Creek.

Parabolus was inspired by the curves of the historic bridges which cross the creek. Yay for parabolas!

Urban Scrim was a series of screens that reflected visitor shadows and the creek water.

For the Ambedo Beta exhibit, two phone booths were positioned on the pathway at each end of the 10th Street BridgeThe callers’ voices determined the patterns and colors of the lights under the bridge.

Light Lines, a grid of electroluminescent wires, was suspended over the Symphony Square amphitheater. Most evenings local bands performed on the stage below.

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