Creek Show: 2016


The third annual Creek Show celebrates Waller Creek, a small stream that runs on the east side of downtown and empties into Lady Bird Lake. This free outdoor art show is sponsored by Waller Creek Conservancy, a non-profit group which is working with city officials to create “an extraordinary urban place that connects, surprises and inspires all of us.” The five installations are set up between Fifth and Eighth Streets and open nightly from 6 to 10 PM through November 19.


Deep Curiosity is a 50-foot, color-changing arch that rises above the deck at the Easy Tiger bakery/restaurant near Sixth Street.


The Creek Zipper (Kory Bieg) really does resemble a huge zipper interspersed with lights.


The brightly-colored Nimbus Cloud (Autumn Ewalt and Dharmesh Patel) under the Seventh Street bridge was my favorite piece.


In Phantom Diversion (Alisa West and Travis Cook), coils of light travel along the creek bed for almost a full city block.


The sea lizard in Invisible and Absolute (Jules Buck Jones) was suspended under the Eighth Street bridge (…and was a challenge to photograph).

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