20ft Wide

IMG_8015Bill and I visited Alley #111 today.

20ft Wide is a temporary outdoor exhibit space set up in downtown Alley #111 for this weekend only. The entrance is on 9th Street, just east of Congress Avenue. Multiple artists and architects contributed to this exhibit sponsored by Art Alliance Austin. According to the artists’ statement, “Austin’s downtown alleys remain largely unnoticed. Yet, these public spaces are in danger of being removed by super-block developments, which will alter the character and scale of the city fabric. 20ft Wide seeks to bring awareness and appreciation to this urban space, to foster discussion about the role of the alley in the city, while simultaneously generating new possibilities for its use.”

IMG_8008Several events have been hosted in the alley since Thursday’s opening Pecha Kucha Night (We’d never heard of this before and did not attend, but people talking about 20 images for 20 seconds each sounds interesting). On Friday morning, a commuter pop-up breakfast was held in the alley. Today was Alley Kids Family Day, featuring story tellers, creative writing, orgami, and other activities. I may walk up there again on Sunday to see how Alley on your own is working out.

IMG_8010So now you too can answer this trivia question: How wide are alleys in downtown Austin?


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