The Blizzard of 2011


Today, February 4, 2011, is a rare snow day in Austin. What a cold week we’ve had…geez, I barely remember those 70-degree days from last week! The meteorologists said that this was the coldest weather for Austin in 20 years.


As I’m writing this mid-day the snow has almost all melted, but the white landscape this morning was lovely. We had about an inch of snow downtown. The roads were more icy than snowy but traffic was light. Schools were canceled; even UT was closed. Bill and I both worked from home and were glad that we did not need to drive. A few dog walkers were out, but hardly anyone was using the trail.

This morning I went outside for a few minutes to take pictures. Here is the view up Congress Avenue looking north towards the Capitol…


…and looking south across the Congress Avenue bridge:


We moved to Austin 15 years ago this week. It snowed here that week too. After living in Florida for some time, our children thought this new city-where-it-snowed was the greatest place ever. They did not really remember the long, cold, snowy winters when we lived in the Northeast. As we flew into the Dallas airport to catch our flight down to Austin, the other passengers were quite amused as our kids screamed with delight at seeing snow.  Bill and I were worried about the moving van and our house-closing, but all went well. And here we are, still in Austin!

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