The Envelope Please…

Bill and I have been considering our choices over the past few months: whether to stay downtown or move back to the suburbs. You can read about what we like and don’t like about downtown living in my previous blog entry.

For the past year we’ve been tracking our feelings about downtown living on our little whiteboard in the kitchen (which doubles as our Car Tracking System). Twelve months ago Bill drew a circle there and divided it into four quadrants: Hate, Dislike, Like, and Love.

Bill has consistently been in the “Love – Love – Love” quadrant; he has loved living downtown since our first day here. He is still amazed that I agree to make this move. I have been mostly in the “Like” quadrant; some days I like downtown more than others. But this week I decided that I am officially on the “Like-Love” line.

Bill is thrilled.

So now, here’s our Decision, which probably won’t surprise anyone…

We are going to continue renting in downtown Austin for the coming year!  

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