Look Out Below!

Two weeks ago we noticed that the swimming pools were drained at the nearby W hotel/condo complex. After checking his favorite downtown real estate websites, Bill learned that two glass panes had fallen from the upper balconies down into the pool area.

A few days later the Austin American-Statesman reported: “Glass panels fall at W Hotel, injuring four“. This explained why the pools were still closed. 

This morning’s newspaper led with the headline: “More glass falls at W“.  No one was injured. This explained the traffic jam yesterday.

This evening the Statesman reported that two more panes fell today (no injuries) and that the “W Austin Hotel is closed until further notice“. This explained the news conference at 8 PM tonight. 

And according to the Statesman: “Lawsuit filed against W over falling glass.” This explained the closed lanes and the sidewalk covers that are hastily being assembled around the building. 

3 thoughts on “Look Out Below!

  1. Bill and I have been watching workers remove the 1000+ glass panels on the building for the last two days. They are almost done and some streets are reopened now.

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