Devotion at the Power Plant Intake Building

So let me explain…this week Bill and I attended an outdoor performance called Devotion  by Blue Lapis Light. According to the program: “Devotion is dedicated to the waters of our planet.” Our Austin friends might remember that this troupe performed at the abandoned Intel building a few years ago. 

Through next weekend, Devotion is being staged at the Power Plant Intake Building for the downtown Seaholm Power Plant. The main Seaholm building is a concert venue now but the intake structure right on the lake is vacant. Bill and I have been monitoring the preparations for several weeks now and watched the dancers practicing last weekend. 

The audience views the performance from the south shore or in boats on Lady Bird Lake. Admission is charged for the fenced-in prime seating area or for seats on the sightseeing boats. But the show can also be viewed for free from private boats or other spots along the lake.

Performers include Trapeze Dancers, Wall Dancers, Ballet Dancers and Rowers. Props include canoes, bungee cords, swings, ropes and spotlights. Dance forms include ballet, bungee-jumping, swinging, trapezing, rappelling, and diving. Music includes Be Still My Soul, The Protecting Veil and Chopin Piano Concerto #1.

Devotion starts after the 9 PM freight train rumbles by and lasts about an hour. Performances are scheduled through next weekend.

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