Ready or Not…Here Comes F1

IMG_6614-001As I compose this entry tonight, Formula One race fans from around the world are descending on Austin. Downtown is starting to bustle. F1 teams have been sighted at downtown hotels. Tractor trailer loads of beer have been unloaded into the local bars. Wait staffs in downtown restaurants are hoping for big tips. Fancy expensive cars are out on display.
The Formula One Grand Prix starts with practice sessions tomorrow at the brand-new Circuit of the Americas track, about 15 miles east of downtown Austin. Major traffic jams are expected. Helicopters will be departing from nearby parking garages to shuttle rich attendees over to the race. Shuttle buses will be looping around downtown and out to the track. My car will be hibernating in our building’s parking garage.

After a long day at the race track, weary fans will be unwinding at Austin Fan Fest. Several downtown blocks near our building have been converted to a festival ground. Music! Parties! Concerts! As many as 200,000 attendees!


Thank you to friends who have kindly offered their spare rooms for the weekend. Bill and I plan to tough it out, but we’re leaving our options open for next year. 

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