A Little Mardi Gras Parade


A little Mardi Gras parade marched through our neighborhood this afternoon. A street band led the procession of about 50 marchers. I don’t know who organized this, but most revelers wore masks and costumes so they obviously had advance notice. 


This little parade even had a little King.  


Mardi Gras parades can be quite wild, and this one was no exception…but for a different reason: more than half of the marchers were children, so all the adults were trying to keep them from running into the street. The kids handed out purple, green and gold beads to neighborhood store employees and shoppers. They draped beads on parked cars and sometimes threw them at moving vehicles (fortunately traffic was moving slowly). Just imagine how pleased the owner of this car was to see their colorful Mardi Gras beads…plus a nice white parking ticket. 


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