2nd Street Soundcheck

The 2nd Street District partnered with two non-profits, Whole Planet Foundation (related to Whole Foods) and Comfort the Children International, to host 2nd Street Soundcheck this afternoon. The goal of this free event was to “unify Austinites and spark local-to-global change.”
Three blocks of Second Street were closed to traffic near our apartment building. A good-sized crowd perused booths which mostly sold jewelry, food, or clothing from nearby businesses. The non-profit partners also staffed informational booths. 
Bands played on the two stages that were set up at the opposite ends of Second Street.  Bill kept wandering downstairs to hear the bands but I was away for much of the afternoon and only caught the last two bands. Polica had an unusual group of musicians: a (talented) female vocalist, a bass guitarist, and two drummers. But we liked their set. We also enjoyed listening to Rogue Wave, an indie-rock band from California.
Outside the ACL-Live/Moody Theater, festival-goers were invited to help paint a large mural. Billed as “a social experiment to encourage community access to the creative process,” these big, colorful canvases are being created at various events around town and will later be sold to benefit a teen leadership/mentoring non-profit, Explore Austin.

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