Mighty Texas Dog Walk: 2013

IMG_7714Tails were a-wagging at Auditorium Shores last weekend for the 15th annual Mighty Texas Dog Walk. Local TV stations reported that 10,000 canines participated in this benefit for non-profit Service Dogs, Inc. While that count seems quite high to me, I would agree that a lot of dogs walked the one-mile route on Riverside Drive.

IMG_7717Organizers were trying to break world records for Most Dogs Doing Doggie Yoga (aka Doga), Most Dogs Wearing the Same Bandana, Most Dogs Eating the Same Treat, and Biggest Fur Ball. No word yet on whether any of these records were broken, although the fur collection was looking impressive when I was there.

IMG_7710Besides walking and record-attempting, dogs could sample treats, race through an agility course, or just dream of making high-flying frisbee catches like the Purina Incredible Dog Team.

IMG_7723 Sponsors such as H-E-B, Petco, and Purina and many smaller vendors gave away loads of dog-related goodies. Reusable grocery bags (thank you, City Council) were overflowing with dog food and treats. I overheard one women wondering, “How could I ever use all this stuff?” and her friend suggesting that they donate their bags to an animal shelter. Texas dogs might rule, but we’ve got some considerate owners here too! IMG_7706

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