Home Slice Carnival O’ Pizza

Most Austinites would agree that Home Slice is one of the best pizza places around. After all, actor Jesse Eisenberg worked here for a few hours back in July to promote his movie 30 Minutes or Less. Since last Saturday was their annual carnival, Bill and I decided to walk over for lunch.

Home Slice is spread across in two buildings on South Congress. The larger dine-in restaurant is on the left.

More Home Slice on the right is smaller with just a few tables to handle the overflow crowd. Both buildings have walk-up windows.

Carnival O’ Pizza was set up in the alley between the two buildings. Proceeds from a silent auction and carnival games benefited Austin Bat Cave, a local non-profit organization which promotes creative writing. Competitions were held throughout the day, including Pizza Box Folding, Pizza Eating, and Hands on an Eggplant Sub (similar to Hands on a Hardbody but the prize is pizza for a year). We watched the Dough Tossing contest. The winner made his five crusts (no holes allowed) in under two minutes.

Since moving downtown last year, Bill and I had tried several times to get a table at the sit-down Home Slice restaurant but the wait was always too long. We finally got lucky on Saturday and were seated after only 20 minutes. Our slices tasted as good as they look!

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