Austin RV Expo

IMG_7474The Austin Convention Center had something for everyone this weekend. I’ve already written about QuiltCon in my previous entry. My QuiltCon ticket plus $4 admitted me to   the Austin RV Expo down the hall as well. What a deal!

Area RV dealers crammed more wheeled vehicles than seemed possible onto the convention center floor. These brand-new RVs were all for sale, and a few were already marked as sold. Some trailers were small enough to tow with an SUV or small pickup. This “Little Guy” had a combination shower-sink-toilet…the ultimate in multitasking!IMG_7451I’ve been to a lot of campgrounds as a tent camper, but have rarely seen the inside of an RV. Most of the interiors were, shall we say, “well-appointed.” Leather recliners, wood paneling, kitchen islands and even central vacuum systems seem to be absolute necessities for today’s campers. IMG_7461The Airstream trailers were the most popular RVs when I visited the Expo. Those Airstream interiors were as sleek and shiny as the exteriors. White leather might not be the most practical material for a campground, but it sure looks nice. IMG_7471 The most expensive vehicle that I found was a huge Winnebago, selling for just under $200,000. This RV just might be larger than our downtown apartment. The bathroom even included a washer and dryer. I cannot imagine driving this thing around the country. IMG_7464Now I know why RV campers look more rested, better fed, and cleaner than tent campers!




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