Gem Capers: 2019

Last weekend I visited the 58th annual Gem Capers show, sponsored by the Austin Gem and Mineral Society. I’ve gone to these shows before, but certainly not 58 of them. This year’s theme was “Canadian Minerals.”

I am excited to report that I won an Hourly Door Prize. Never mind that I attended this show during the last hour of the day, was probably competing with five other adults who also arrived late, and was an alternate selection after the first number wasn’t claimed. A winner is still a winner! I selected a polished fossil sand dollar from a group of items donated by the show’s vendors.

Over 30 vendors participated in this show. Most of them were selling all shapes and sizes of rocks and minerals, but a few specialized in gemstones and jewelry.

The Austin Gem and Mineral Society’s motto is “Each One, Teach One.” and I do always learn new things at these shows. For example, I learned that many plain-looking rocks polish up quite nicely (including my fossilized sand dollar).

I also learned that brightly-colored and black geodes are probably dyed and that some black geodes are actually forgeries created by Moroccan artists.

Last but not least, I now know what Coprolite is.

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