Hello Lamp Post

IMG_1641          Hello lamp post, what’cha knowin’? I’ve come to watch your flowers growin’               — Paul Simon

Things might be getting out of hand here. Austin’s buildings, statues, and even light poles are now talking texting back to us.


All around town, bright yellow signs have sprung up to publicize a new interactive art display called Hello Lamp Post. To start a conversation, you send a text to 512-580-7373 and then enter Hello object #number. After some polite chit-chat, you are asked three questions and get to see how some others have responded.

DSC04100 I decided to chat with Stevie Ray to see what he had to say…

IMG_1700 You don’t have to be in Austin to play, but it probably helps to be familiar with our city. Some of the questions and responses are posted at hellolamppostaustin.com (Please disregard the comment about dogs wearing night goggles. I learned that people are taking this seriously!).

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