Auditorium Shores Trailhead


Renovation of the Auditorium Shores trailhead was completed last week. This phase was originally planned to be finished last July, but the opening was delayed due to “closeout” issues. I guess everything was satisfactorily resolved since the construction fences and remaining debris were removed last week.

DSC03754As part of the renovations, the trailhead parking lot was expanded and regraded to improve drainage. There’s enough room now for two-way traffic and a place to turn around if needed.

DSC03759The old bathrooms were torn down and completely replaced. The water fountains are not working yet, but will soon be a welcome addition for those using the park.

DSC03764New decking now extends over part of the pond. The fountains in the pond haven’t been turned on yet, so I’m curious to see if those will be changed too. The Fannie Davis gazebo was just renovated in 2012, so no changes were made there.

DSC03751 A unique flame-like iron sculpture was installed on a pedestal next to the First Street Bridge.

DSC03766Improvements to the nearby Event Lawn are still in progress. Earlier this year, the large field was regraded, new soil was spread out, and fresh sod was installed. We had good rains this fall, so the grass is looking lush. After a lull of several months, work has started again, and a low wall and a ramp to the Butler Hike-and-Bike Trail are almost finished. Work is also proceeding on leash-free dog park on the west side of Auditorium Shores. This will be quite a transformation when everything is completed!

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