The Holiday Window Walk

Browsing our neighborhood stores is even more fun this month with The Holiday Window Walk. The 2ND Street District is sponsoring a window-decorating contest for students from Theatrical Design Department at St. Edward’s University. Winners will receive scholarships provided by Silicon Labs (who has offices in the neighborhood). Shoppers can scan the associated QR Code with their mobile phone to register their votes. The contest ends on January 2nd.

The displays are all music-related. Here’s some of the entries…

I’ll Be So BlueLangford Market

Girls Next Door Just Wanna’ Have Fun – Girl Next Door

Don’t Stop Believing in the MagicEstilo

Madonna’s Holiday – Missbehave

Just Like the White-Winged Dove – Teddies for Bettys

Willie’s Wonderland – Plain Ivey Jane

Gallery D’s Dreaming of A White Christmas – Gallery D

The Twelve Days of Princemas Etcetera, Etc.

Deck the Halls with Buddy Holly – 1020 Glass Art

Everyone’s Crazy about Man’s Best Friend – Lofty Dog

One thought on “The Holiday Window Walk

  1. I was wrong…the contest ended last week but the window displays will remain up until January 2nd.

    Winners were:
    1st prize: “The 12 Days of Princemas”
    2nd prize: “Just Like the White-Winged Dove”
    3rd prize: “Everyone’s Crazy About Man’s Best Friend”

    I voted for “I’ll Be Blue” which didn’t place, but I liked all the winners as well.

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