O Toy Joy Trees


Each December I enjoy walking around downtown Austin to take photographs for my annual O Christmas Tree blog entry. This year it seems appropriate that local merchant, Toy Joy, also has an entry featuring their wildly-decorated trees.

Most Austinites had probably visited Toy Joy at their old location on Guadalupe just north of the UT campus. A few months ago, the shop relocated to Second Street in downtown Austin. They still stock the same eclectic assortment of toys, trinkets, figurines, puzzles, and games. A lot of stuff is packed into that place. I’ve been worried about how the store will fare in a higher-rent location. I don’t know anything official, but based on my visits over the past month, merchandise seems to be selling well. All neighborhoods should have a toy store. I wish them well.

Anyhow, back to the purpose of this entry: the decorated trees at Toy Joy. Some have themes, some don’t, but all are quite creative. And if you want to mimic their decorating style, all ornaments are now 50% off!






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