Gingerbread Village at the Four Seasons: 2014


‘I know just the twosome to find my father, the missing King,’ says Princess Lolly, of the Lollipop Woods. In a voice as light and airy as the fluffiest marshmallow, she says, ‘They’re the Candy Land Kids… courageous, clever, and ever so determined.’


Candyland is the theme of the gingerbread village now on display in the lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel Austin. The edible houses and characters were created by the hotel’s pastry chefs and are on sale to benefit the Seton Shivers Cancer Center.

Years ago our family spent many, many hours playing Candyland. We always read The Legend of the Lost Candy Castle before playing—I can still quote passages from that story. The gingerbread village’s layout is similar to the game board and even has a Rainbow Trail (a desirable shortcut that practically guarantees you will win the game). The houses are faithful to the game’s artwork, although I don’t think a Candy Heart House was in our version. We would have loved to play with a 3-D version made with gingerbread and real candy…


Gingerbread Plum Treehouse

DSC03679Peppermint Stick Forest


Licorice Castle

DSC03712Gumdrop Mountain


Peanut Brittle House


Lollipop Woods

DSC03682-001Ice Cream Floats

DSC03688Chocolate Swamp


Candy Heart House


Candy Castle

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