Trailer Food Tuesdays: 2016


Trailer Food Tuesdays are back for the summer!


After a long winter hiatus, this popular event has started up again at The Long Center. This past Tuesday I counted 15 food trucks, plus a tent or two. As usual, trucks were circled around the terrace, with additional trucks parked around the lower driveway. This was a good idea. The driveway area had extra seating and—most importantly—was shaded by the building all evening.


This week’s selections ranged from lobster rolls (Dock & Roll) to barbecue  (SLAB BBQ) to grilled cheese (Burro Cheese). After studying all the menus, we chose the Raja Pupusas and Beet Fries from the Whole Foods truck. Both were delicious. We learned that these pupusas are also available at the new Test Kitchen truck that’s parked in front of the flagship Lamar Whole Foods.


Our only complaint: no ice cream trucks. Popsicles are just not the same. Fortunately, Sandy’s (forever associated with Rick Perry), is only a block away!

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    • Great! I’m looking forward to visiting the Yeti Frozen Custard truck. Thanks for reading my entry and adding a comment!

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