Sunsets and Trash Chutes

Bill and I talked about what we like about living downtown so far. 
See if you can guess who picked what:

 Sunset looking towards Westlake
 Oversize Garbage Chute on our floor

We are thinking about a field trip to the 35th floor to drop a bag down.

2 thoughts on “Sunsets and Trash Chutes

  1. For those who couldn’t guess it was me who likes the garbage chute. I have fond memories of little Billy Coltin dropping garbage down the chute from the 5th floor of 65-50 Wetherole St. in Rego Park Queens and listening to the garbage bang it’s way down the sides of the chute to it’s exciting crash at the bottom. Now I get to do it from 20 stories up! I need a stop watch to see how long it takes to get to the bottom and I’m also curious with the big chute if I can get a perfect drop without hitting the sides!

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