Float that Boat!

Lady Bird Lake is part of the Colorado River which runs through downtown Austin. Motorized boats are prohibited except by permit. Bill and I have been surprised at how many vessels are on the water, especially on the weekends.

Local high school and college crew teams practice in the mornings and afternoons. 

Rowing classes are held on the lake too. There are two rowing schools within walking distance of our apartment. I think the instructors double as traffic cops to prevent mid-water collisions.


Stand Up Paddle (SUP) is very popular. Think big surfboards without the waves. Sometimes we also see Dog On Front (DOF).


Lots of kayaks and canoes are always floating around…plus an occasional remote-controlled toy boat (on the right in this photo). 

A new vehicle joined the armada last month: Austin Water Bikes. These bikes can also accommodate Kid On Side (KOS).

Tour boat season is now in full swing, with cruises for watching sunsets and bats every evening.

2 thoughts on “Float that Boat!

  1. Yes, I think they are very stable. Let me know if you want to come down and ride one with me…although I suspect you get plenty of “lake time” in the summer!

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