A New Year, A New Start


Austin Downtown Diary now has a new home: austindowntowndiary.com. Readers (including blog subscribers and RSS feeds) should now be automatically redirected from the old Blogger url to this new site.

I’ve moved my blog to WordPress for a variety of reasons. My blog includes lots of photographs and several months ago exceeded the free storage limits for Google’s Picasa. I have been frustrated with Blogger’s formatting quirks, and felt that if I couldn’t keep blogging for free, then I might as well be paying for improved functionality. I’ve also experienced intermittent problems with the Blogger interfaces to Firefox and Facebook.

WordPress has an import function which worked fairly well to migrate my Blogger entries. I’m still  fixing some formatting issues and moving my images to the new site. Right now I’m using a standard theme, but I may experiment with different ones in the future once I am more comfortable with WordPress. And I must thank to my computer-savvy son, who did most of the migration work for me!

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  1. The one thing I don’t like about WordPress is the lack of the Follow button. That helps me see who follows me so I can visit those blogs. On blogger, when someone just gets an RSS feed or subscribes through email, I don’t know who they are. But the Follower lets me connect directly with those reading my posts. Ask that son of yours if he knows a way around this on WordPress.

    Happy New Year – missed seeing you. I had a houseful at the lake. We sat on the porch and toasted the falling and much needed rain.

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