SXSW 2019: The Weird and the Cool

Here’s one final entry to complete my SXSW 2019 series, once again proving that “A picture is worth a thousand words” at South by Southwest.

The latest in Tech…

Loraine: “The Breakfast Machine”

LevioPole: “A magic staff to levitate your imagination”

Toshiba Sizzleful: “Engages the five senses so that parents and children each enjoy a meal together”

Astro Live Experiences: “World’s first man-made meteor technology”

LG SnowWhite: “Customize the amount of air and temperature control that affect the taste and the type of ice cream”

Moon Selfie Light: “You are beautiful and so are your moments. They are meant to be captured and shared in the best light and quality.” 

The latest in Art & Music…

EVERY THING EVERY TIME: “Transforms urban data into poetry presented on a mesmerizing, large-scale mechanical screen..[drawing] on data streams generated by the many events that happen each day in Austin.”

Ponytrap: “Industrial Music for Modern Primatives”

Fantasticks (with LG Clios): “The audience can be more than passive spectators and participate in the performance to create a comprehensive work of art along with the performer.”

Know No Borders at Casa Mexico

Travis the Bat: “Embrace your inner monster”

smart mobile disco: “Mobile club installation – boasting big sound, state-of-the-art lighting, and a performing booth suspended in the air over our imagination of a futuristic city!”

On the unusual side…

Good Omens Garden of Earthly Delights

Father’s Nursing Assistant: “Fathers struggle to do their best,…but things don’t always work out.”

D Free: “Sends alerts to your phone or tablet when it is time to go to the toilet”

Gamer Goo: “Stop sweaty hands at the source!”

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