Getting Ready for SXSW: 2018

The craziness known as South by Southwest begins tomorrow. Bill and I picked up our SXSW badges at the Austin Convention Center when Registration opened at 9 AM this morning. We each received a tote bag with Interactive and Film pocket guides plus a map (as in previous years, the Music pocket guide will be available soon). There are no more large booklets with details about every session and a gazillion advertisements. All that information (including ads) is available on the SXSW GO app now.

SXSW preparations were underway today. Street light poles, utility boxes, parking meters, and even public art pieces near the Convention Center were already wrapped in plastic. In the next 24 hours, everything will be covered with posters and ads.

Throughout downtown, companies were temporarily transforming mundane buildings into works of art. I passed by several groups of artists creating brand-new murals. This one was on the Fourth Street wall of the Mexic-Arte Museum.

Fox Sports took a different approach. They just covered up the outside walls of the Hanger Lounge with images of World Cup soccer/football.

An entire building was going up in the parking lot next to Frank. I heard a rumor that this has something to do with Elon Musk.

Under Armour was constructing a big red geodome on Fifth Street. “Gravity holds you down. Hovr lifts you up.” Got it.

The Brazilians are ready to party.

I’m guessing Youtube. (Let me know if you tried to click on the arrow in my photo. That’s actually a sign on top of the now-red Coppertank Event Center.)

An entire trailer court has been recreated on the second floor of Brazos Hall. Seems to be associated with “Ready Player One.”

I’ve never seen Land O’Lakes at SXSW before. This could be really good or really bad. I’ll let you know.

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