Sing-A-Long Sound of Music

Question: What is even better than The Sound of Music?

Answer: A Sing-A-Long Sound of Music!

Several hundred fans attended this very fun event at the Long Center last weekend. First, before the movie started, we were given instructions on what to do with the items in our goodie bags:

  • Wave the fabric swatch and yell “Look behind you!” when seeing the drapes in Maria’s bedroom
  • Alternate the ? and Flibbertigibbet cards during “How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria?”
  • Slowly wave the white flower during “Edelweiss”
  • Hold up the invitation and shout “To the Ball!”
  • Pull the popper string at the EXACT moment when Maria and the Captain kiss

Next up was costume judging. Based on audience applause, winners were chosen in three categories:

Small Children and Nuns: And there were lots of both. We were rooting for the girl dressed as a Brown Paper Package Tied Up With String. But a small Gretl (on the far right in my photo) won this category. 

Individuals: Original individuals in original costumes competed in this category, but we agreed with the audience’s choice: the Baroness. She had attitude.

Groups: My friend and her daughter came up with a superb costume idea: Do, Re and Mi. We came in second place. We heard that we lost to a goatherder and goat but we couldn’t see them at the opposite end of the stage. Here we are with the von Trapp “children” (with hand-sewn outfits!) and a cross-dressing Maria.

Finally it was time to start the movie. We cheered Maria. We hissed at the Baroness. We booed the Nazis. We yelled “Rolfe! Rolfe!” and “The hills! The hills!” We waved our cards and flowers and fabric swatches. We popped our poppers. And we sang along…quite loudly!

3 thoughts on “Sing-A-Long Sound of Music

  1. That does sound like fun. I would love to go to Austria. I was reading on IMDB that some of the buildings in the Salzburg scenes were built after WWII. Oops.

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