HONK!TX: 2017

Last weekend our city hosted the 7th annual HONK!TX festival of community street bands. Eleven of the 25 bands were from Austin. On Friday evening, the bands played along South Congress. Saturday afternoon’s festivities centered around Adams Hemphill Park and Spider House Cafe. Sunday morning’s parade was cancelled due to thunderstorms, but the front moved through quickly, and an All Band Revue was held in Pan Am Park.

I decided to go to HONK!TX on Saturday afternoon because there were bands playing concurrently on six “stages” (some were actually nearby fields and parking lots). Most bands played two 45-minute sets. Often I listened to a song or two and then headed to another stage. My favorites were Filthy Femcorps, Biohazard Brass Band, and Minor Mishap Marching Band—the band that got Austinites interested in street band music.

Emperor Norton’s Stationary Marching Band (Somerville, MA)

Batebunda (New Orleans, LA)

Biohazard Brass Band (Fort Sam Houston, TX)

Yes Ma’am Brass Band (Austin)

Ten Man Brass Band (Seattle, WA)

Interrobang (Austin)

Guerrilla Fanfare Brass Band (Northern CO)

Bayou City Blues (Houston, TX)

Big Wy’s Brass Band (Austin)

Moon Tower Brass Band (Austin)

Dead Music Capital Band (Austin)

Boss Street Brass Band (Austin)

Maracatu Texas (Austin)

Secondhand Street Band (New Orleans, LA)

Minor Mishap Marching Band (Austin)

The Numbers (Austin)

Filthy Femcorps (Seattle, WA)

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2 thoughts on “HONK!TX: 2017

  1. Thanks, Austin Downtown Diary! We used a link to your blog post as part of our grant report to the Austin Cultural Arts city division! Great photos and video!

    Alan Hutcheson
    HONK!TX Executive Director

    • Thanks for letting me know! I’ve been attending and writing blog entries about HONK!TX since 2012. It’s one of my favorite events in Austin!

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