Eeyore’s Birthday Party: 2016


Thousands of hippies—old and young—celebrated Eeyore’s Birthday Party last weekend. This free outdoor event honoring Winnie-the-Pooh’s donkey friend started back in 1963 as a UT English Department picnic. Since 1974, the party has been held every year in Pease Park on the last Saturday of April or first Saturday of May (depending on the weather).


The party was well-underway when we arrived in the mid-afternoon. Crowds gathered on the flat, grassy section of the park near Lamar Boulevard to listen to drum circles and to watch yoga demonstrations. Bands performed on the hillside stage. Food and water were available for purchase. Tables were set up for children’s activities, but the event definitely became less family-friendly as the day proceeded.


Huge bubbles floated lazily over our heads. Some of the bubbles were filled with white smoke which escaped when the bubble popped. I’m told that this effect was created with dry ice. Let’s hope so.


A sign indicated that there was a wedding up on the hillside. We found hundreds of partiers sitting in small groups up there, but we never did find a wedding ceremony. We did find a cool banner though.


Costumes were encouraged. Contestants in the costume judging contest were asked: What is your name? Tell us about your costume. How long have you been coming to Eeyore’s Birthday Party? And do you want to say anything else? Perhaps this was a tradition, but each interview ended with the contestant yelling out, “Happy Birthday, Eeyore!”


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