Viva la Vida: 2014


Organized by the Mexic-Arte Museum, the Viva La Vida festival celebrated the Dia de los Muertos traditions of Mexico. The actual Day of the Dead holidays run from October 31 through November 2, but this festival was held earlier in mid-month, probably due to downtown scheduling conflicts.

DSC03258Viva la Vida (“Live the Life”) started off with a grand procession along Sixth Street. Most marchers and dancers were dressed in brightly-colored native costumes. A few large calacas (skeletons) came by. The parade was not long, but the participants were entertaining and enthusiastic.



The Viva la Vida procession ended at the festival grounds near the Mexic-Arte museum on Fourth and Congress. Bands played on a small stage as attendees browsed vendor tents and purchased authentic Mexican food at food trucks. The sugar skulls were tempting, but fearing a sugar overload, I opted for a similarly-decorated sugar cookie instead.


Mexican marigolds, also called “flowers of the dead,” are associated with this holiday and  decorated the festival grounds. The large yellow flowers also adorned the ofrendas, altars set up to honor the dead.



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