Cowboy Breakfast: 2012

Today I attended my second Cowboy Breakfast. This free event across the lake at Auditorium Shores promoted the upcoming Star of Texas Fair and Rodeo. This was a very educational experience for me, just like last year’s breakfast. Here is what I learned: 
Cowboys eat catfish toes for breakfast.
Cowboys like to lasso unsuspecting small children. Cowboys also like to lean on pickup trucks. 

Cowboys know how to make excellent biscuits.

Cowboys are talented line dance leaders.
Cowboys have a serious boot fetish. 

Cowboys like cowboy coffee. I learned this last year and it is still true.

Cowboys saddle up on longhorns, who appear to tolerate the situation. 
Cowboys also saddle up on Harleys. 

2 thoughts on “Cowboy Breakfast: 2012

  1. I had never heard of catfish toes before. I did not try them because I kept thinking about those huge carp that live in the lake. I suspect those gigantic fish may actually have toes.

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