ACL Fest: 2019

Weekend One of the 2019 Austin City Limits Music Festival was a real scorcher. I’m not only talking about the music (great, as usual), but also the weather. Afternoon temperatures reached 96°F, 97°F, and 99°F for the three days. Bill and I attended ACL Fest on Friday, and we can testify that the heat was brutal for the musicians as well as for the festival goers.

ACL Fest Fridays are our favorite day due to the smaller crowds. We arrived a little early to check out the festival grounds. I was glad to see that those ridiculously tiny shade sails from last year had been replaced with two huge tents. The food vendors are offering more and more healthy options every year. Hydration stations (for filling water bottles) were busy. Bill and I searched out shade whenever possible and spent some time in the Festival Store and the American Express building only because they were air-conditioned. Here’s who we saw on Friday Weekend One:

Asleep at the Wheel


Cherry Glazer

Monsieur Periné

The Raconteurs

Jenny Lewis

Guns N’ Roses

Tame Impala

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2 thoughts on “ACL Fest: 2019

    • Yes, extremely hot! Tame Impala was OK. We only heard two songs, were not close up, and it was the end of a long, grueling day…

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