Holiday Staycation

Our year-end vacation time is quickly coming to a close and Bill and I must return to work this week. We really enjoyed our staycation spent with family and friends. I’ve already blogged about some events like TubaChristmas, the Big Christmas Day Boat Fire and New Year’s Eve fireworks. Here’s some of our other holiday activities:

Made our second annual trek over to Swedish Hill Bakery for their Christmas cookies.

Checked out the shopping and eating situation on South Congress.

Kept an eye on Occupy Austin.  

Walked and ran around Lady Bird Lake on a crowded Hike-and-Bike Trail.

Resisted sending a text message to this number.

2 thoughts on “Holiday Staycation

  1. SO envious of all the people walking around without jackets on. Austin seems like a GREAT winter spot. Love your photos! So funny, the boyfriend sign! gotta wonder what the real intention was there.

  2. Thank you! We’ve had mostly mild weather so far this winter but Austin can get down below freezing sometimes.
    We don’t really know anything about the boyfriend sign but it was up for about a week.

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