Construction Update: Spring 2015


The recent slab pour on West Second Street reminded me that it’s time for another construction update. Four buildings are slated for the site of the former Green Water Treatment Plant. A 38-story mixed-use office/apartment building (facing Cesar Chavez) is under way, and now the slab has been poured for the next one, a slightly shorter office building. Second Street is being extended with a new bridge over Shoal Creek.

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A Ton of Construction


We are surrounded by major construction projects in downtown Austin. Cranes, cement trucks, and heavy equipment are everywhere. Many surface parking lots have now become gaping holes surrounded by temporary fencing as the site prep work takes place. The towers that are further along seem to grow a new floor every week. There’s so much construction here that downtown neighborhood associations have petitioned the new city council to “limit” concrete pouring to 6 AM to 7 PM.

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